Supervising Counselor (Full-time) (Venice, CA)

Salary: Starting $66,650


Reporting to the Clinical Manager, the Supervising Counselor is responsible for supervising the AOD Counseling staff, evaluating staff performance and providing applicable coaching and training.


  • Effectively supervise, evaluate and direct the work of the AOD Counseling staff. Timely completion of performance appraisals, regular supervisory meetings, performance documentation, staff development and supervision for success best practices.  Manage personnel functions including recruitment, hiring, retention and discipline of staff. 
  • Developing a plan for the orientation, development, and training of staff.
  • Have knowledge of the AOD certification process and regularly monitor counseling staff progress towards achieving and maintaining valid AOD certification;
  • Oversees coordination of Initial Assessment, Service Authorization Requirements, Treatment Plan, Treatment Plan Review and goals with other supportive service plans, including, general medical care, Group Counseling, Patient Education, Individual Counseling, Crisis Intervention, Family Counseling, Collateral Services, and Discharge Services
  • Provides individual counseling services
  • Facilitates Evidence-Based Treatment groups for assigned cohorts
  • Provides crisis intervention as needed by clients, residents, and families.
  • Identifies and responds to crises that may negatively impact treatment and, where possible, uses negative events to enhance treatment efforts.
  • Complies with productivity standards of the Agency and maintains an appropriate caseload to reach the budgeted daily expectation of billable hours.
  • Submits timely documentation (progress notes, assessments, treatment plans, notes to chart) as outlined in policy and measured via productivity reports.
  • Maintains appropriate records such as ongoing progress notes, reports to referring agencies, discharge summaries and clinical case records as required by external stakeholders
  • Completes and maintains all documentation of services delivered, which includes individual records, group notes, and general communication logs. Provide clinical consultation to referral resources, family members, and others to help support clients in their recovery
  • Provide clinical verification of internship hours for AOD Counseling staff
  • Review and approve employees timecards in e3 to ensure employees are following Phoenix House Leave and Pay Practices policies
  • Maintain a consistent and supportive environment for both staff participants.
  • Maintain appropriate and professional boundaries between staff and the participants.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Comply at all times with ethical and moral standards of any social service, profession, certification or license, organizational, and program requirements.
  • Deliver programming and treatment services to the participants.
  • Review treatment plans, evaluate and record treatment progress, records visible changes in appearance, behavior and demeanor of program participants.
  • Attends all required staff training sessions in accordance with Phoenix House and state licensing requirements, completes all training on time
  • Attends and participates in program and all staff meetings
  • Adheres to and promotes the Phoenix House Mission, Vision, and Values while acting as a role model for others
  • Other duties as assigned


The incumbent in this position supervises the AOD Counseling Staff


  • The Supervising Counselor shall be certified as an AOD Counselor; or an associate or licensed as a mental health clinician, with a certifying organization recognized by DHCS.
  • One year experience in the SUD field.
  • Must maintain a valid California Drivers' License, have proof of automobile insurance and maintain a safe driving record based on Phoenix House policy


  • Demonstrated commitment and adherence to Phoenix House Mission, Vision, and Values: I CARE For- Integrity, Collaboration Appreciation, Respect, Excellence, and Forward-Thinking
  • Proficiency in MS Office systems
  • Modern principles of training and education
  • Program evaluation methods and report writing
  • Ability is required to conduct several projects simultaneously
  • Analyze complex problems and adopt an effective course of action
  • Effectively supervise the work of others
  • Ability to utilize an electronic healthcare record
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with others
  • Communicate effectively with others both orally and in writing
  • Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced changing environment
  • Ability to establish and consistently enforce appropriate boundaries with patients
  • Ability to model positive behavior and demeanor
  • Understanding of addiction, co-occurring models, and treatment modalities
  • Understanding of patient development and family systems
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills
  • Ability to be flexible; problem solver, self-directed; customer service-oriented, and collaborative
  • Skills and ability to engage and develop a rapport with patients and families of various backgrounds

Job Location: Venice, CA

Job Number: 627